Shoulda Wooda

Greetings once again to my readers of TMOE Black.  The sun hasn’t even come up yet here in Millbrae, California.  Then again, considering our recent rainstorms, we may still not actually see the sun today.  It would be nice, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


This morning I’d like to introduce to you an incredibly talented man on Etsy who offers the most exquisite Handmade Lumberjill Wooden Sextoys & Erotic Sculptures.  His name is Richard “Dick” Carver, based in Conyers, Georgia and his Etsy shop is called ShouldaWooda.  What a fun name!


Richard deems himself an unsatisfied 2D artist that wanted to create something that people could actually hold, use and experience. His medium of choice (for now) is wood. He crafts implements of an adult nature because well, it’s fun and he wants to make the “personal massager” personal again.


Richard had gotten a job doing search engine optimization from home, which he says was a pretty sweet gig with good pay and he got to set his own hours, but it wasn’t enough. He still wanted to be his own boss. Initially, he tried the pyramid type “build-a-business” situations, but for Richard, those didn’t seem to work so well. He felt that if he was going to work that hard to sell “someone else’s crap”, then he might as well be selling “his own crap!”  But really, Richard’s handiwork is far from being “crap”, as you can see.


At first, Richard thought about becoming a custom knife maker, an idea that he ran by his best friend, Virginia, since he always trusts her opinion. Her suggestion was “wooden dildos”.  At that time, Richard admits that he didn’t know that could be done, so Virginia kindly sent him a few links to websites where he conducted some inspired research.


Eager to give it a try, Richard took some balsa wood he actually had lying around (which he mentions would be horrible for a sex toy!) and some branches from a horribly overgrown crepe myrtle he’d cut down in his yard and he began carving. Richard found so much peace and happiness in carving little phallic sculptures, that he’d go on to carve the things you now see in his store!


To Virginia, Richard says “Thanks Virginia. You are the reason I always have wood in my hand.”

Be sure to stop by Richard’s Etsy shop, ShouldaWooda and also visit his stand alone website, and follow him on Twitter and Pinterest.


Richard loves connecting with other creative minds, so please feel free to contact him via his Etsy shop.  He’s also open to collaborating with people who work in other mediums!



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