Vesselin Art Studio

Hello and welcome once again to TMOE Black, where I feature male artists on Etsy who specialize in adult-themed products. Today in the States many people are celebrating Christmas.  In fact, I just got back from having a ham dinner at my mother’s with my partner.  It was very nice, but I am glad to be back home.  Tonight, my partner is DJ’ing in San Francisco, so I decided the first thing I wanted to do was feature a new erotic artist here.

This evening, I bring to you an artist based in Gabrovo, Bulgaria named Vesselin Andreev and let me just say that this man is very artistically talented!  His Etsy shop is Vesselin Art Studio and he offers some fantastic erotic art in both painting and print format that anyone would want to proudly display it in their home .


What’s great about Vesselin is that he offers both male and female erotic artwork, opening up to a broader audience.

For a long time, he’s used only pencils, watercolor, tempera and pastels for his paintings and drawings. However, in more recent times, he experiments using a ‘dry brush’ technique – a modern style of painting where dry brushes and oil paints are used on watercolor paper. Apparently, this is a fast and very precise technique.


Vesselin was born on December 2, 1977 in Bulgaria.  He is a graduate of the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Tryavna, Bulgaria.


All models of my artwork are either imaginary, live models or ideas from photos. All models are of ages of 18 or older.


Every piece of Vesselin’s artwork is hand-signed, dates and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


In addition to his erotic artwork, Vesselin also does some great animal pieces, flower pieces and landscape pieces…


Be sure to stop by Vesselin’s Etsy Shop to see all that’s available!  You can also visit his standalone website, where you can order a custom painting (this can also be done via his Etsy shop).  He can also be found on Google+ and Facebook.




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