Leather Passions

Welcome to the brand new TMOE Black blog, which is dedicated to the talented men on Etsy who specialize is adult-themed products.  We’re going to kick-off this new blog right with an artist who specializes in toys and accessories for the BDSM lifestyle.  His name is Bull Martin and his shop is Leather Passions.


It was almost 20 years ago that Bull Martin was learning about the BDSM lifestyle and he wanted more toys than he could afford at the time. He felt that most of what was available was overpriced for the quality received. The obvious solution for this was to make his own toys.


With the experience of making what he wanted, how he wanted and with the extra leather and hardware, Bull started showing his creations to people at parties and clubs. Then, along came the internet…for him, a small crude website that led to vending at events and then a real brick and mortar fetish boutique in Baltimore called Chained Desires.


After Bull parted ways with his partner, Leather Passions was born – a fully-functioning website with more toys, gear and a wide selection of fetish wear that made Leather Passions a leading vendor at BDSM events around the country through the 2000’s. As they grew, they maintained their philosophy of quality and value in all of their products.


Leather Passions had been on hiatus for a couple of years to tend to family affairs, but they have since returned, starting over with their core selection of toys and gear for the BDSM lifestyle.


Be sure to stop by Leather Passions on Etsy to see all that’s available to you.  You can also follow their progress on their website, shopleatherpassions.com.


“We are no corporate conglomerate – Leather Passions is a labor of love, not a profit center. We enjoy this lifestyle and take pride in being able to create quality toys at a fair price. With over 15 years experience as a toymaker, and many many more in the lifestyle, we take pride in our craftsmanship and being able to offer real value to our friends and customers.” – Bull Martin


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